Barban Eye Cataract Surgery

Cataracts affect millions of people across the world each year and 300,000 people in the UK alone need surgery to restore vision. Surgery is often the only option when a cataract has fully developed; this is because vision becomes blurred and clouded to a point that vision is not good enough to carry out daily activities.

Barban Eye Cataract Surgery

Surgery in the UK is extremely popular; NHS waiting lists can sometimes mean patients waiting up to a year for surgery and private clinics also take on a lot of patients. Choosing to have private surgery in the UK is a good option but the downside is the cost and prices per eye can easily amount to £3000. This is a price that many people cannot afford and although there is usually an option to spread the cost of payments, but many people look for other options.

There is a growing popularity in cataract sufferers in the UK choosing the option to look abroad for surgery. This has many benefits, the main one being competitive and lower costs. The low cost of the surgical procedure can mean that people can pay for flights and accommodation and still make a saving on some of the private UK clinics. One popular choice is the Barban Eye cataract surgery clinic.

Barban Eye

The Barban Eye cataract surgery clinic is based in the state of New Hampshire in the United States and is a private ophthalmology practice offering a wide variety of treatments for numerous eye conditions. The practice was founded by Dr Gregory Barban in 1978 and became the first dedicated eye clinic in the area. Since its opening it has gone on to use only the most modern and first class technological methods including LASIK and cosmetic CO2 laser skin correction; the method of cataract surgery used is the phacoemulsification technique.


The fact that the Barban Eye cataract surgery methods are phacoemulsification (phaco) makes it a popular choice for patients not just in the local area but across the world.

Phaco involves using high energy sound from a hollow needle to break up the cataract into small pieces for removal. Many people assume that cataract surgery is carried out using lasers, this is not the case and the extraction by incision is the only way. Phaco involves making an incision of only 3 mm and the broken up fragments of the cataract can easily be removed through the incision using suction.

The benefits in this form of operation are due to the fact that no stitching is needed, this means that patients can make a full recovery a lot faster than when the old method of cataract surgery was used. A foldable intraocular lens is essential is this form of surgery and can be implanted in to the eye through the 3 mm incision. Patients after Barban Eye cataract surgery procedure can often find vision returning instantly, and after rest at home can return to work and other activities within just a couple of days.