CESP Cataract Surgery

CESP cataract surgery is just one of the services offered by the CESP Company in each area of the UK; they are industry renowned for providing a local service with natural coverage. CESP stands for Consultant Eye Surgeons Partnership and they provide first class treatment to all eye conditions cataract and glaucoma to macular degeneration and retinal detachment.

CESP Cataract Surgery

They are collectively the largest provider of eye procedures and treatments in the UK and were established in 2003 to allow consultants to contract themselves to hospitals meaning that each patient in need will receive excellent care.


Having an operation done by one of the CESP cataract surgery team will mean that you will receive the finest surgical treatment available as well as excellent levels of patient care. The first steps before undergoing surgery will be to attend a consultancy and have a diagnosis performed; this will determine the size and severity of the cataract and will allow you to understand how surgery is done.

You should first be aware of the affects you may be experiencing as a result of a cataract, such as:

  • Blurred, clouded or fuzzy vision

  • Vision at night being less effective than it previously was

  • Difficulty driving, especially at night

  • Experiencing a halo or glare from lights

  • Fading colours and a change in the way that you see them

  • Double vision in one eye (the double vision will begin to fade as the cataract begins to cover more of the eye)

  • Regular changes in eye glasses prescriptions and having to constantly change to stronger lenses.

Any of these experiences will likely mean that you are being affected by a cataract and you should look to book an appointment with a CESP cataract surgery expert for an eye examination.


Two things are often asked by people when considering surgery this has to do with the safety of the operation and how painful it is. Undergoing an operation with a CESP cataract surgery consultant will mean you are in safe hands and have no need to worry about either thing.

Cataract surgery is generally the safest kind of surgery carried out in the UK; surveys have found that there is a 1 in 100 chance of a patient encountering minor complications during or in the hours after surgery. These complications are rectifiable easily and with no effect of vision. 1 in 1000 people has a chance of infection which may lead to loss of vision.

People often consider surgery and pain to go hand in hand, with the use of anaesthetic and the careful hand of a CESP cataract surgery expert most patients undergo successful surgery having felt no pain whatsoever.


Modern cataract surgery is carried out so that there is no need for stitching; this has led to a rise in the speed that patients can recover from operations. Sight normally begins to return almost immediately and activities may be resumed the very next day. A full recovery is expected to take around one week.