Clarivu Cataract Surgery

Everybody’s eyes contain a lens which works to focus light onto the retina and allow them to see the world around in clarity. Overtime as people age, the lens becomes hardened and a cataract can form. This can cause vision to gradually become blurred and clouded to a point where normal activities are a struggle due to lack of sight. The general procedure for the removal of the cataract is to undergo an operation; Clarivu cataract surgery is one of the world leaders in pioneering the techniques to permanently remove a cataract.

Clarivu Cataract Surgery


Clarivu cataract surgery is unlike regular cataract operations that you may undergo in NHS hospitals and is done in Optegra hospitals up and down the UK.

To have Clarivu surgery it is not necessary that you have a cataract to undergo the operation; it is catered to people as an alternative to laser surgery wishing to improve their eyesight and do away with the reliability on glasses and contact lenses.

Clarivu cataract surgery is similar to regular cataract surgery in the way that the natural lens of the eye is replaced with a new artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Intraocular lenses are technically advanced and offer the best quality vision available and having these implanted before a cataract has developed can prevent one from ever forming.

The entire process is done in just 20 minutes for each eye and patients can partake in activities they enjoy within just days of the operation.


The full Clarivu cataract surgery process is catered to suit each individual patient need and customer service is always high priority.

The process will begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss the details of surgery and allow you the chance to put any questions you have to the ophthalmologist, your consultation will aim to give you the reassurance you need. The medical team at the Optegra hospital will spend around one and a half hours performing a detailed examination of the eye to determine the extent of vision and check for any other eye conditions that may be present.

Before surgery takes place your arrival at the hospital will be met by the friendly and welcoming staff who will allow you to settle in to your environment, the surgeon will meet with you to discuss any further questions you may have. Anaesthetic eye drops will be given and once they have taken effect, treatment will begin.

Surgery is straight forward and will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete on eye. Surgery involves removing the natural lens through a small incision and replacing it with an IOL lens to provide excellent vision.

After the Clarivu cataract surgery is complete patients are taken to the recovery room where they can relax and enjoy refreshments while taking as long as they need to recover and feel ready to return home. A relaxing night at home and a full night’s sleep will allow you to adjust to your new vision and normal tasks can be resumed soon after.