London Eye Hospital Cataract Surgery

Every person’s eye contains a lens. This is transparent in appearance and its job is to focus the light which enters the eye onto the retina. In older age and some other conditions the lens will begin to deteriorate and harden; this leads to a blurring or clouding of vision. Early cataracts may not be fully recognised by the sufferer and often they will decide that eye glasses are needed; glasses and contact lenses are helpful in improving the eye sight during the early forming of a cataract. If the cataract continues to develop the necessary treatment will be surgery. This surgery is quick, effective and relatively painless. It generally takes around 30 minutes and in most clinics is done on an out-patient basis; the London Eye Hospital cataract surgery team are one of the leading private companies in the UK for performing this surgery.

London Eye Hospital Cataract Surgery


The London Eye Hospital cataract surgery service is fully focussed on the well-being of patients and has a high priority of customer care; this is shown in the full service they offer for cataract patients.

Most surgery is done with topical anaesthesia which is generally enough to numb they eye; patients who wish to have local or general anaesthetic can also be fully catered to. Once the eye is numbed surgery will begin with a micro incision of around 2.8 mm at the edge of the cornea. The size of the incision is beneficial in the recovery of patients after surgery as it will require no stitching. An ultrasonic probe is inserted into the eye through the incision and works at high speed to break up the cataract into tiny pieces, these pieces are then removed with suction. A new artificial lens known as an intraocular lens is placed into the eye in place of the natural lens and will operate in the same way

Upon completion of the surgery, patients are allowed to leave the hospital shortly afterwards and relax for the rest of the day. Vision will begin to return within hours of the surgery and patients can partake in daily activities after a day or so.


The choice of lens is a big part of the operation and the London Eye Hospital cataract surgery service can offer an excellent choice of lenses to improve vision.

Monofocal lenses have been and for the most part still are the most commonly used lens, the downside to this lens is the fact it only offers vision over longer distances. Thanks to the advances in implant technology, the London Eye Hospital cataract surgery team can provide lenses that can start to enjoy life again and sometimes see as-well as they did when they were of a younger age. Multifocal lenses are offered which can improve vision over all distances and the introduction of tinted lens implants can not only improve vision but reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration. Specially designed aspheric lenses can work to reduce glare and improve contrast.