Optical Express Cataract Surgery

Optical Express are well known as being one of the premier UK companies for offering eye glasses, contact lenses and eye tests. They have clinics up and down the country and cater to hundreds of thousands of people each year. What some people don’t know is about the Optical Express cataract surgery service that is offered.

Optical Express Cataract Surgery

Like hair which turns grey as we age, cataracts are also brought about by the aging process and the fact that many people over the age of 65 are likely to develop a cataract means surgery is very popular. Optical Express can provide every aspect of the surgical procedure from consultation until post- surgery check- up.


Many people are taking the option of having their cataract removal operation done privately instead of having it done on the NHS. This is usually because of the long waiting lists for surgery on the NHS and the fact that you can meet and discuss surgery with the ophthalmologist who will be carrying out the operation; this differs from the NHS whereby the procedure is performed by a team of staff.

Private clinics, and in particular Optical Express cataract surgery, offers surgery that can be done quickly and efficiently whilst always producing great results, the downside when compared to the NHS is cost.


For those that can afford it, private surgery is a much better option than waiting around to be given an appointment on the NHS. Optical Express cataract surgery is very competitively priced when compared to other private clinics and the fact that the cost of surgery can be spread over monthly instalments can make it affordable by many people.

The first saving to be made is the fact that Optical Express offer a free consultation, this means you can be examined to determine the extent of the cataract and talk through the details of surgery with a qualified ophthalmologist. Any questions you have about surgery can also be answered during the consultation.

The typical price of the surgery will depend a lot on the choice of lens, typical treatment at Optical Express will start from £995 per eye, this will include all treatment, a monofocal lens , stay at the clinic and any medication should any be needed after surgery.

The more bespoke treatment with Optical Express cataract surgery will cost from £1495 per eye, once again all treatment and extras will be included but the type of lens will be different. The more expensive treatment will include a more advanced lens; monofocal lenses only offer improved sight over longer distances. The lens used in this surgery will be a multifocal lens which will provide improved vision over both long and short distances; on top of that they may also do away with the need for glasses of contact lenses.

Spreading the cost of your treatment is a great option for those who cannot afford the fee upfront; monthly plans include 10 months, 24 months, 36 months and 48 months.