Pendleton Eye Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a simple procedure that has advanced greatly in recent years. Modern techniques mean that operations can be done in less the 30 minutes and patients can begin to resume normal activities after just one day. One of the world leaders in this kind of operation is the Pendleton Eye cataract surgery clinic which implements only the finest technology to restore vision so that patients can once again enjoy doing the things they love.

Pendleton Eye Cataract Surgery


The method used by the Pendleton Eye cataract surgery clinic is one that many private clinics and hospitals are choosing to use, it is known as “no stitch, no patch, no injection” and has revolutionised the speed, efficiency and the recovery time of cataract operations. As the name suggests patients can undergo the operation without the need for an injection and can leave the clinic without a patch meaning vision can begin to return instantly.

No injection

The ability to perform a cataract removal operation without the need for an injection is one of the latest developments and has become one of the most significant reasons in the speedy recovery of patients. Surgeons can now offer a topical anaesthetic to numb the eye for surgery; this is given in the form of eye drops which have numerous benefits.

The first benefit is the pain; many people do not like needles and patients that have previously undergone cataract surgery say that the use of a needle to numb the eye is the most painful part. Eye drops are simply placed into the eye, pain free and can have the same numbing affect so that no pain is felt during the operation. Eye drops are also beneficial to recovery and patients can often see instantly after the operation.

No patch

The ability to leave the hospital without a patch and begin to see instantly is once again due to the topical anaesthetic used. Using an injection to numb the eye will require the need for an eye patch after surgery to be worn for the hours after; eye drops eliminate the need for the patch. Topical anaesthesia must be combined with the latest methods of cataract operating and only the most experienced surgeons such as those at the Pendleton Eye cataract surgery clinic are able to work with this form of anaesthetic.

No stitch

Many people assume that the ability to perform a cataract removal operation without the need for stitching must be done with lasers, this is not true. Cataract surgery cannot be done with lasers and the cataract extraction must be done with an incision. The key to the Pendleton Eye cataract surgery method is the size of the incision. An incision of only 3 mm in length can be made in the temporal clear cornea, through this incision the cataract can be broken into pieces and removed using suction. A new kind of foldable implant is used to replace the clouded lens and because the incision is so small it requires to stitching.