Sight 2020 Cataract Surgery

A cataract is the forming of a glaze over the lens of the eye. Over time the cataract may develop and become worse - this will almost certainly require surgery. Sight 2020 cataract surgery service can provide surgery to all forms of cataract surgery and all treatment given will leave the patients with excellent vision and the chance to enjoy everyday activities.

Sight 2020 Cataract Surgery

Types of cataract

There are three kinds of cataract and each, if allowed to develop, will require surgery. The Sight 2020 cataract surgery service can offer treatment on all three.

  • Nuclear cataract. This kind of cataract is the most common form of cataract and therefore the most widely treated. As the cataract develops the lens becomes curved which causes blurred vision and sight to be affected; near sightedness is most affected with this form of cataract. Using strong eye glasses and contact lenses in the early stages can help improve vision.

  • Cortical cataract. These are the second most treated form of cataract and are commonly associated with far sightedness. Cortical cataracts will cause the lens to become hard and more compact which can affect vision.

  • Posterior subcapsular cataract. This is the rarest of kind of the three types of cataract and tends to be found in more in people under the age of 40. The effects of posterior subcapsular cataracts are very progressive and can cause a loss of vision within just months of forming.

Sight 2020

The Sight 2020 cataract surgery service is one of the leading places for cataract and other eye condition treatments in the UK. The service is carried out at the Spire Murrayfield Hospital and the Arrowe Park Hospital by Mr Som Prasad.

Mr Som Prasad is a consultant ophthalmologist offering a comprehensive range of eye care. As well as being a fully qualified expert in cataract surgery he also offers a range of treatments for other eye conditions including:

  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Retinal surgery
  • Macular degeneration

The hospitals Sight 2020 cataract surgery operates in are both equipped with the latest technology to perform both diagnosis and surgery. Many people use insurance to cover the cost of cataract surgery, Mr Prasad is a recognised provider for some of the UK’s leading insurance firms including:

  • Norwich Union
  • Royal and Sun Alliance
  • BUPA
  • AXA PP
  • Cigna
  • Exeter Friendly


Most modern day surgery is done using the phaco method, Sight 2020 also utilises the latest techniques and can offer patients a full bespoke service from first consultancy until final post- surgery check-up. Unlike the NHS where cataract surgery is done by a team, Mr Prasad will be responsible for carrying out each stage of surgery, this is something that allows patients to become comfortable and build up a trust with the person performing the surgery.

There is a full range of anaesthetics available to suit each individual client including:

  • Topical
  • General
  • Local

There is also a choice of intraocular lens available in which patients can choose the type of lens they wish to suit the vision they desire.